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‘New foundation for materials industry’ through Renewable Carbon Initiative

AE high on Forbes’ list of best employers for new grads

Pros and cons of lockdown for Boncoura


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Creativity is the driving force

Ampelio Dal Lago, AFM’s creative director, has been with the group since 2007. He started his career in 1989 at Montebello in Italy, where he progressed up the ranks from dyeing manager to head of R&D, and has also worked at Corduroy in Mexico and Calik in Turkey. Q  Can you tell us...


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Cotton regenerated

Cellulose-dissolving techniques derived from viscose production are being applied to cotton waste as an alternative to mechanical cotton recycling. These processes promise to close the loop by regenerating cotton-rich used and unused textile and clothing waste into new manmade cellulosic fibres. A...